A Your Story Remembered video is the perfect way for you to share the story of your life your dreams, the things that are important to you and your wishes for those you care about in your words, your way. Don't wait to begin telling your story!

Why Should You Tell Your Story?

You've lived an amazing life! You've seen good times and bad times, times when you didn't know how you would carry on one more day, and times when you accomplished more than you ever thought you could. Mistakes to miracles, you've been through a lot...and learned a lot!

Wouldn't sharing your story what you've done and what you've been through help those you care about learn more about life...and, more importantly, learn more about you? Don't pass away without passing along your wisdom, insights, regrets and treasured memories. Share your story with those you love with a Your Story Remembered video. It's a story only you can tell! Start telling it today!

Your Story Remembered Tells Your Story with Style!

Let Us Help You Tell Yours!

At Your Story Remembered, we know your story is important and unique. We founded the company to enable people just like you to capture your life's story on video in way that is:

  • High-Quality
  • Easy
  • Professional and
  • Affordable

To ensure the quality of the final results, we use:

  • An extensive line of questions to help you recall and bring your story to life
  • Professional interviewers and videographers to guide you through your interview preparation and filming
  • Professional camera, sound, lighting and editing equipment for the highest-quality video production

If you want someone you can trust to tell your story in full high-definition video with professional quality sound design, look no further than the master storytellers at Your Story Remembered.



Absolutely Fantastic!

I would seriously pay a million dollars for a video like this of my grandmother who passed away years ago. I wonder what my kids would pay 20 years from now.

Maud Clarence
San Antonio, TX

Wonderful Idea.

My dad is starting to show signs of Dementia, He needs to do this for his grandkids.

Jennie Kekovich
Dallas, TX

Excellent Production Quality

[...]I really can't see how they can even manage to do it at this cost! I'm very impressed by the production quality, and by the customer service through the entire process. I can't recommend enough that you use Your Story Remembered.

Bruce McKenny
San Antonio, TX

A Your Story Remembered Package for Every Budget

Each person's story and situation is unique. Recognizing that fact, we've created 5 Your Story Remembered packages one that is sure to please your creative wishes and your pocketbook!


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